Thursday, June 11, 2009


Patrick Rawley for DESK SPACE

Hey, Kids! It's Patrick Rawley, star of stage, page, screen, radio and now the Internet! Tell us, when did you start writing? Well, I was a poor child, full of rage. It was then I decided that I would be a samurai. We couldn't afford a sword, what with my dad's golf addiction so I had to use words instead. Where is it I write? Usually at the coffee table on my smart little laptop. My "desk" is an abomination/ horizontal filing cabinet. What am I working on?
Two novellas, graphic novels without pictures, really, very hush-hush and experimental. I'm developing a screenplay with director Greg Machula. I 'write' stand-up routines that one has to sit down for.

This is not a picture of my desk but of my filthy assistants, Miss Tessmacher and Yelena.

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