Monday, November 3, 2008


Jacob McArthur Mooney for DESK SPACE

Okay, so this is sort of a bad time for me to do DESK SPACE, as I am travelling, am presently at an art retreat, and have no digital camera. What I do have is Google Images Search, and a word processor which with to narrate my findings thereon. Get it? Okay, here goes.

a. Bed

So I like to do most of my writing in bed, rather than at a desk. I have a desk, but it tends to be relegated to uses peripheral to writing (storage, food consumption, etc). My ideal way of using the bed is to pull off every scrap of blanket and pile it all in one corner, then sort of sit/lean against the pile. This is bad for my back and can cause insomnia. What I really need is a Chaise Lounge. The bed in the picture has a woman jumping on it. This is because I found the picture in a Japanese catalogue. If you jump on my bed, it will break. It’s old.

b. Notebook

I had to go find the exact notebook I use because everyone else should use it as well. It’s the one that’s open in the corner of this picture. It’s made of faux leather and smells like grandfathers. It’s made by a company called Spicebox. I would gladly act in their commercials free of charge. If you use these, everything you write will look better.

c. Laptop

I bought this laptop direct from Acer for only $400 last September. NEVER BUY A LAPTOP FOR $400.

d. Puppy Dog

My puppy dog is incredibly important to my artistic process. Officially, he lives with his grandma, but I take over full dog responsibilities when I come visit. He looks a little like this dog except more bad-ass and less “milkin’ it for the camera.” If any new parents wish to raise themselves a writer (and I recommend you think that over for awhile before committing), go buy him or her and puppy, and make them take it for long walks in a land with a long history. Ideas will begin to emerge.

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Anonymous said...

What a joy to read your stuff. Since I know you quite well, it's like having you right here. Toby is lying on the couch in the den and doesn't think he looks at all like the dog in the picture.