Thursday, November 20, 2008


Nathaniel G. Moore for DESK SPACE

DESK SPACE Who (a witty one-liner or a bio)?

NATHANIEL G. MOORE I am Nathaniel G. Moore. I'm a pretty serious person. Nathaniel sat under a fig tree and had the confessions of faith in the bible. It was about the existence of Jesus. Personally, I like the Faith album (Columbia, 1987). I am often called Nathan, which I loathe. He was a much bigger star in the bible, but they are two completely different biblical entities. We are often confused. I also like to make videos and cook mussels.

DS When did you start writing, publish your first book (or when are you publishing your next)?

NGM I published my first book in 2005. It was meant to be a comedy. It was Bowlbrawl. At press time I am an unrestricted free agent, though I do expect either a fiction or poetry collection to be signed soon. My most recent book is Let's Pretend We Never Met, which was a romantic comedy pertaining to Catullus and I. I am also writing "The Macho Girls", which is a BravoFact that Geoffrey Pugen is directing. The film is visually based on my retrosexual Randy Savage fetish and my birthday party. It's about the gas crisis though, and some sort of grass roots fuel heist caper. Publishing writing via television is a lot different because you are even more invisible than a regular strength Canadian small press career. I also have to write something for a discussion at Word on the Street called "Are We Awful?" Serious stuff.

DS Where do you write (at your desk/outside/in bed)?

NGM I write usually at OCAD in the library on the library's computers. Or on the 3rd floor. I don't go there or anything. I just have people's passwords.

DS Why do you work where you do?

NGM The computer's at OCAD are wicked fast. The Broken Pencil office is wicked small. And the computer is slow. And the interns are always doing cart wheels in the hallways (Descant's interns) so it's very distracting. It's at the George Brown house. Have I said too much? Is this thing on? I also go to the Toronto reference library and guard my book. I like the resources there, and the fountain. I like the big tables. I'm sort of a nomad. Sometimes I write outside, but I don't like to be around people. Especially if I know who they are or they know me.

DS What are you working on now?

NGM Danforth Review and Broken Pencil take up most of my conscious time. I have a poetry collection called "Poltergeist" which I am nearly done. It's done, basically. It's based on this morning I had in Brooklyn, Ontario watching this German mother feed her kid a hard boiled egg. The night before she was wearing a black and white dress and I told her that her dress should be called Poltergeist. She didn't run away screaming, so I felt as thought that is a good sign, and it might be an okay book. I'm also nearly done a book of short fiction which is like a greatest hits collection because a lot of the stories are old. These are all being remixed. The collection is called "Legends of Welfare" and combines my insane version of humour with my deranged version of erotica with a bit of capitalism, poverty fetish, sea food and Paul Martin.

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